The Advice Difference - Computer and Network Solutions

Computer and Network Solutions has been a client for almost 7 years now, almost as long as Boris has been involved as an owner in the business. Over the years we've seen CNS grow from strength to strength and we've been there right beside them along the journey.

Boris says that CNS originally came to Seneca to sort out it's public liability, now with offices in more than one city and an office across the ditch the risks have changed quite a bit from when they first became clients.

"Seneca Group helped me understand the risks my business faces and how I can protect myself against them. They helped me shape the right risk protection both personally and for the business, tailoring it to make it relevant to us"
Computer and Network Solutions - Technology Liability Case study
"My favorite part of dealing with Seneca is that every time I call someone picks up the phone and is genuinely interested in me and is able to respond to my needs. To me I'm not just another number I'm important and they value our relationship. Thats a hell of a difference to some insurance brokers" 
Computer Network Solutions

As CNS has grown they've come to specialize in critical IT systems and the cover we've arranged has had to adapt and change to stay relevant to their needs and exposures. We're proud to be a dependable insurance partner for Computer and Network Solutions.

If you'd like to get the advice right in your business and tailor your insurance to meet your needs, get in touch with us today.

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