Are Your Financial Priorities Out of Sync?

None of us likes to think about death or long term illness but it happens - even to young people. New Zealand statistics are not far different from those in a recent US study shown below in terms of attitudes.  

What happens to you or your loved ones after your death (whenever that may be) or illness, depends on what you do today with your money; spend a few hundred dollars on an upgrade to a perfectly fine smartphone, or put a portion of that into life insurance, trauma or income protection to protect yourself and your family.

If you were to die, would your family remember that phone? Or that they didn’t have to move from your home, your neighborhood or school?

You have a choice. How do you want to be remembered?

Quote Source: Asteron Life $250,000 Life cover for 30 year old male, non-smoker $22.75 pm

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