You don’t want your retirement fund to run out before you do !

It’s ‘Money Week’ and the Commission for Financial Capability (which used to be the office of the Retirement Commissioner) has just released the second piece of their survey on New Zealander’s Approaching Retirement in which they found that 25% of them are unsure of how to manage their money in their Kiwisaver funds when they reach 65.

Retirement Savings

The survey results focus on Kiwisaver and it highlights the need for more useful information and advice about what people can do with the money they have in their Kiwisaver once they are entitled to withdraw.  About half of the people surveyed thought the information available from their Kiwisaver provider was useful to guide their decisions at 65 or to work out how much they will have – or need – when they get there.

The experience we have here at Seneca is that good advice is a key and if you are one of these people then we can help you and guide you through using the tools & support of the providers we recommend to our clients - just contact us. 

Click here if you want to look at the media release on the CFC survey

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