1. Contact your broker and advise him/her of your complaint
  2. If your Broker is unable to resolve the matter contact the Complaints Manager Ruth Steele on 476-1670 or email
  3. When your complaint is referred to the Seneca Complaints Manager, we will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 5 business days
  4. We take your complaint seriously and will investigate the matter fully.
  5. The Complaints Manager will identify what is required to resolve the complaint where possible, and provide this within 20 business days from the date of the complaint notification.  If the complaint is complex and further time is required for the investigation to be completed, Seneca will contact you with an indicative time line to completion.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the outcome after contact with Seneca you are entitled to contact our external Dispute Resolution Service which is the ISO, who are approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.  The website for the ISO is
  7. As Seneca Insurance brokers is a member of IBANZ, you are able to lodge a complaint with them providing it is not of a financial nature